《War of Guardian》is an epic and New-Generation MMORPG mobile game featured with breathtaking episodes, HD art effects and various social game-play. The intuitive QTE skill-triggered mode enhance a thrilling Real Time Battle. Immersive fierce PVE&PVP battle is abusively addictive. The game takes place during the European Middle Age through a magical fantastic story line. Players will be able to use enchantment skills to enhance their strengths and challenge powerful boss. Endorse your weapons and ally with other companions to free the three kingdoms to become the most glorious Hero of War of Guardian.

Introducing 'Upanishads System' in Tuition Class

Upgrade Upanishad will need a lots of wisdom, you can get it in Daily instance, Legion Trial, and Fiend invasion or a item named: Wisdom Fragment.

If you are VIP 7 player, no cool down time require!

Yes, Tier system will be release when your character reached 55 level!

Upgrade the Tier system will be costing Upanishad Stone, Upanishad Lucky Star, Upanishad Amulet, and gold.

Upanishad stone is used to upgrade the tier of Upanishad,

Upanishad lucky star is used for increasing the Upanishad upgrading success %

Upanishad amulet is used to prevent downgrading of Upanishad upgrading when it fails.