《War of Guardian》is an epic and New-Generation MMORPG mobile game featured with breathtaking episodes, HD art effects and various social game-play. The intuitive QTE skill-triggered mode enhance a thrilling Real Time Battle. Immersive fierce PVE&PVP battle is abusively addictive. The game takes place during the European Middle Age through a magical fantastic story line. Players will be able to use enchantment skills to enhance their strengths and challenge powerful boss. Endorse your weapons and ally with other companions to free the three kingdoms to become the most glorious Hero of War of Guardian.

Special Announcement for Chinese New Year

12647132_448204362044396_2675826296826796057_n.jpgDear all, during holiday of Chinese New Year from 7th Feb~ 10th Feb 2016, do allow our customer service reply speed slower than usual, but we will still serve you every day from 9:00~23:30 (UTC+8) as well, please do not worry^^ Before Chinese New Year comes, we will prepare some of the common question as well for all of you We will be big appreciate if you guys read before seek for customer service. tongue emoticon

Common questions from player. (Simply use “Crtl+F” to search your question)

Q: When is the new server? When is my server going to merge?
A: We will not answer ANYONE about this question, that is a surprise ^^ Just looking forward to it

Q: I have not received my items after my purchase.
A: Please provide the details below. 
a. Sever and character name
b. A screenshot of your official purchase invoice (From AppStore/GooglePlay), if you have purchased successfully, you will be receiving an email for sure. Please check your mail box and get back to us. 
c. Send everything to our Facebook inbox.
We do only can check from official invoice. Thank you for your cooperation.
Q: Can you transfer my character to other server? If no, just delete my character.
A: We do not have both systems, transfer or delete character.
Q: How can I change my password?
A: You could change your password at our website:http://www.eyougame.com/ , please change to English in our official sites for more details.

Q: How can I do recharge if I do not own a credit card/debit card?
A: Please check our third party recharge surface. There are more ways to do top up. http://payen.eyougame.com/

Q: My CP dropped a lot!!! I don’t know why please help!!!
A: Please check did you accidentally cancelled your battle pet or guarding pet, or did you fuse your pet but you forgot to put back all the pet soul or pet skill, and did you lost any title, and also did your weapon spoil, if spoil, it will appear a iron soldier which is located at right of your game, simply click it and repair your weapon with coins.

Q: What is the time for xxx event?
A: Please, read our events details on our facebook page or our websitehttp://wog.eyougame.com/

Q: How to get a lot of CP?
A: (Please allow me to say) Normally if I receive these kind of question, my face> 囧
We can only answer, since there are various ways to raise your cp, so we hope you could find out yourself. Thank you.^^

Q: I did not get my rewards from “Share and get rewards”, and when can I get rewards from facebook weekly events?
A: First all, rewards from “Share and get rewards”, we will send out the rewards for those who have done the correct ways ONLY. If you have no idea why you did not get, please read the instruction we have gave or check the pinned post, the example we have shared. For the Facebook weekly events rewards, do allow GM takes more days to send during GMs holiday! tongue emoticon

Most of game knowledge could be read in game, simply find the “?” tap, and read the details to reduce GM’s job tongue emoticon But still, we are still here to serve you^^ Thank you for reading.