《War of Guardian》is an epic and New-Generation MMORPG mobile game featured with breathtaking episodes, HD art effects and various social game-play. The intuitive QTE skill-triggered mode enhance a thrilling Real Time Battle. Immersive fierce PVE&PVP battle is abusively addictive. The game takes place during the European Middle Age through a magical fantastic story line. Players will be able to use enchantment skills to enhance their strengths and challenge powerful boss. Endorse your weapons and ally with other companions to free the three kingdoms to become the most glorious Hero of War of Guardian.

Mount Gem System

Mount Gem Function will release when character reach Lv.55

When all the gem upgrade to the max level.

Mount gem maximum level is Lv10, 4 same attributes; same level gems could be synthesized to 1 more advanced gem. (Example: 4 pcs of Lv2 Smash Gems could be synthesized to 1 pcs of Lv3 Smash Gem.) Synthesizing the same gems could done in Gems’ bag, do not have to do in Craft interface.

The lock slot will be release when the Mount Quality reach Perfect Quality

Perfect Quality to unlock the third slot

Activate the slot of the Gems requirement for first slot is at least 2 gems. Once your mount equipment quality reached Perfect, you could release the third slot. If the slot’s color is different, the gems could be inlay will also in different.

Green slot: A. Smash Gem, A. Crt Gem

Yellow slot: Smash Gem, Crt Strike Gem

Red slot: Fixed Dmg Gem, Smash Dmg Gem, Crt Dmg Gem

Note: Same type of gems could only inlay for maximum 3 gems. (Example: Red Gems have total 6 pcs, only 3 of Strike gems could be inlay, the rest of the 3 have to change to Fixed Dmg Gem or Crt Dmg Gem.)

Craft 4 same kind of gem to another level, cost gold.

Lastly, how to get those gem?   You can get it in the Treasury or some recharge event!